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LGC Expert denies Lawrence DNA contamination risk

Forensic Expert Rosalyn Hammond, from LGC cold case review team, has told the jury in the Stephen Lawrence murder trial there was no realistic possibility of items of clothing belonging to the 18-year-old contaminating those of the two defendants.

Rosalyn Hammond, told the Old Bailey that she had applied a five-step process of contamination during the investigation. She explained that material from Mr Lawrence's jacket would have had to undergo a multi-step process of contamination, where the chances of material transfer decreased with each step. Due to the number of events, there was in her opinion no realistic possibility of contamination.

Although material from Mr Lawrence's jacket could have transferred to the outside of the bag in which it was placed. But for that material to be picked up by another exhibit bag and over a period of time contaminate its contents was improbable.

Defendants David Norris, 35, and Gary Dobson, 36, deny murdering Mr Lawrence at Eltham in southeast London in 1993.


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