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Expert in CCTV called for murder case

A UK expert in interpreting security camera footage was called by Bermudian detectives investigating a murder case.

David Cox, is on trial at The Supreme Court, Bermuda accused of shooting Mr ‘Yankee’ Rawlins on August 9 2010. Mr Rawlins, 47, was attacked by two gunmen who shot him 16 times as he entered the Spinning Wheel nightclub, in the capital Hamilton.    

Mr Burchett, who is lead investigator for LGC Forensics, based in London, England, said CCTV pictures from outside the nightclub showed a car travelling north along Court Street. The car contained a driver and two rear-seat passengers and stopped in the northbound carriageway opposite the Spinning Wheel.

The two passengers, got out of the back and ran into the nightclub’s foyer “brandishing handguns,” according to Mr Burchett. After what he described as “a very brief off-screen incident,” the men exited the club and ran back across Court Street to the car, which was waiting with the driver inside. It then headed off down the street and turned into a side road.

Mr Burchett was asked by detectives whether the car on the CCTV was the same car as a green Diahatsu recovered by police nearby.

Mr Burchett told the trial the CCTV?from outside the club was not of good enough quality to make out the car registration plate. Neither was it able to pick up the facial features and clothing of the people in question.

As for images of the gunmen taken by cameras in the foyer of the club, Mr Burchett stated that the head and facial features of both subjects were difficult to identify as they were obscured by headwear. Mr Burchett is due to continue his evidence today.

Mr Cox denies charges of premeditated murder and using a firearm to commit murder, and the case continues.


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