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Hacker may be a suicide risk if sent to U.S.

High Court judges were told that Gary McKinnon could be a suicide risk if he is extradited to face trial in America for hacking. The 43-year-old from North London, who sufers from Asperger's Syndrome, could suffer a breakdown if forced to be tried in America and possibly jailed in an American 'Supermax' prison.

Mr McKinnon who has a UFO obsession admitted breaking into the US miltary system in 2001 and 2002. He claims he was looking for evidence of extra-terrestrial life.The U.S. government says the cost of repairs to their system totalled more than $700,000 (£436,000).

He is seeking to overturn a refusal to put him on trial in the UK, .

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith ruled last October to order Mr McKinnon's extradition following a request from the US prosecuting authorities after previous legal challenges failed.

His barrister Edward Fitzgerald QC accused the DPP of 'failing to confront the human rights arguments' or consider new findings about Mr McKinnon's medical condition.

If sent to the U.S., Mr McKinnon is likely to receive a substantial prison sentence, possibly served in a Supermax prison used for high-risk inmates, and was unlikely to be repatriated to serve his sentence.


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